628 enterprises import and export goods across Mong Cai Border Gate


VCN – 628 enterprises have imported and exported goods across the border crossing in Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh province, the Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch have said.

628 enterprises import and export goods across Mong Cai Border Gate
Import and export activities across Bac Luan II Bridge, Quang Ninh. Photo: Q.H

As of September 9, Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch recorded US$2.143.55 billion in trade from 22,131 declarations.

Of which the export turnover and import turnover recorded US$956.06 million and US$1.187.49 million, respectively.

The branch saw a year-on-year decrease in declarations by 31.04% and trade by 8. 15%.

According to Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch, the branch has effectively performed key tasks in 2022, including supporting and attracting importers and exporters.

The branch has provided solutions to support residents and enterprises in disease prevention and control, processing customs procedures, and facilitating import, export and immigration activities to control the public health crisis while developing the economy under the Government’s “dual-target”.

Notably, on March 26, the branch held a conference to support and instruct individuals, individual business households, and enterprises in declaring tax codes and customs declarations and authorizing delivery and receipt of goods in the border-gate areas through legitimate customs brokers.

On May 27, the branch held a “conference meeting with import and export enterprises across Mong Cai city”, aiming to provide practical solutions to boost import and export activities and receive information related to difficulties and problems faced by enterprises in the customs process.

On July 21, the branch organized a conference to review the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding in coordination with the local Business Association in developing the Customs-Business partnership.

At the conference, the two sides assessed the coordination between the Customs with warehouse and yard operators.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan

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