Continuing to manage prices supporting the implementation of dual goals


continuing to manage prices supporting the implementation of dual goals
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Specifically, the Deputy Prime Minister asked relevant ministries, branches, localities and agencies, according to their assigned functions and tasks, to continue to manage and control inflation in 2021 in a cautious, flexible and proactive manner, focusing on supporting the implementation of the dual goals of the Government, keeping the price level stable to remove difficulties for production, business and people’s lives, and support economic growth.

Besides, proactively and closely coordinating to implement the direction of the Government, the Prime Minister, Head of Price Control Steering Committee; intensify specialized and thematic inspections on prices, supervise market prices, promptly advise competent authorities on price management in accordance with market principles and macroeconomic management.

Carry out a review to immediately amend and supplement a number of legal documents that have problems and overlaps, especially the issues of functions and tasks in price management and administration.

At the same time take the initiative in the stages of drafting legal documents on prices of a number of goods and services priced by the State so that they can be adjusted at appropriate times; continuing to study and review the implementation of the Law on Price and its guiding documents; implementing steps to develop documents and reporting to the Government for consideration and submission to the National Assembly for amendments to the Price Law.

Actively reserve goods, avoid scarcity and push prices up

Ministries, branches and localities should closely monitor changes in supply and demand; market prices of essential goods, especially for a number of goods with high consumption demand during holidays and peak tourism periods. Proactively prepare inventories to meet consumer demand to avoid scarcity that pushes prices up.

Improve forecasting, analyzing prices, market supply and demand, and building scenarios for price management by month/quarter/year to have a suitable price management plan for each period to ensure control inflationary goals.

In particular, to attach importance to the evaluation, calculation and construction of price management scenarios for the goods managed by the State. In case of considering adjustments in 2021, it is necessary to proactively calculate and evaluate the level of adjustment accordingly and report to the Head of Price Control Steering Committee for prompt guidance.

Promote communication on policies and measures to stabilize prices, control inflation, stabilize the macro-economy, ensure social security, contributing to creating a consensus in society to limit maximum price increase effects due to psychological factors and inflation expectations.

Actively manage fiscal policies, closely coordinate with monetary and other macroeconomic policies to control inflation according to set targets, and at the same time contribute to support and remove difficulties for production, business and people’s lives affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue to control basic inflation in 2021 to create a basis for general inflation control.

Research to correct imbalance in steel product supply

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to coordinate closely with the Ministry of Finance to flexibly regulate gasoline prices, ensuring that domestic gasoline prices reflect and closely follow world petroleum product price movements; calculate and use the price stabilization fund reasonably, especially at times when the world gasoline price level increases to limit any sudden increases in domestic prices.

Research and develop a power price plan for 2021 according to regulations on the basis of careful assessment of input costs, power supply plans, expected costs and expenses that have not been included in the electricity price.

To study and take measures to boost the domestic production of finished steel products, aiming to basically meet domestic demand; research to adjust the imbalance in the supply of steel products in the market to give priority to the domestic market through adjusting and balancing the volume of exported steel products.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development should coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to closely monitor the market situation, supply and demand of pork to implement appropriate measures to balance supply and demand. Direct the implementation of measures to prevent and control epidemics, especially African swine fever, to prevent the epidemic from recurring and spreading widely.

The Ministry of Health should soon complete the review, classification of services and economic and technical norms, calculated and proposed to the Price Management Steering Committee on the plan to implement step 3 (structure of management costs in prices services), to proactively make adjustments when the economic and social conditions are favorable.

The Ministry of Transport shall intensify the inspection and supervision of the price declaration and listing and the sale of tickets at the correct prices by transport business units; organizing the evaluation of Circular No. 17/2019 / TT-BGTVT dated May 3, 2019 regulating the price bracket for domestic passenger transportation; in necessary cases, amend and supplement according to their competence.

The Ministry of Education and Training should cooperate with the Ministry of Finance to review and strictly control the plan to declare the price of textbooks for grades 2 and 6 according to the new general education program and propose a plan to manage textbook prices with the aim of stabilizing prices and ensuring social security and send it to the Ministry of Finance to synthesize and amend the documents according to regulations.

Strictly deal with people exploiting information to push up real estate prices

The Deputy Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Construction to actively research and guide changes in construction technology to reduce the amount of steel consumed in construction. Study, formulate and submit to the Government mechanisms and policies to minimize the imbalance in the product structure of the real estate market, increase supply, and meet market demand.

To advise the Prime Minister and coordinate with localities to strengthen the supervision of the real estate market, promptly detect and strictly handle anyone that takes advantage of information (on investment planning and policy for large projects) to push up real estate prices to gain illicit profits; effectively implementing the tasks and solutions assigned by the Prime Minister in directive No. 11 / CT-TTg dated April 23, 2019 on a number of solutions to promote the stable development of the real estate market.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment shall intensify the inspection and supervision of the implementation of planning; detect and promptly handle acts of using land in contravention of planning and illegal changes of land use purposes.

Strengthening the reorganization of the State management over land, strict management of real estate projects; publicizing information on planning; strictly comply with regulations on registration of land use right transfer, change of land use purpose.

There is a plan to actively regulate the land fund to the market through the creation of a clean land fund for auction of land use rights; to step up the propagation and dissemination of regulations of law on land, law on investment and law on real estate business.

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