Customs of central provinces Preventing pandemic but try to avoid causing congestion


customs of central provinces preventing pandemic but try to avoid causing congestion

Customs officials of Lao Bao Customs Branch (Quang Tri Customs Department) inspected and supervised means of transport on exit and entry through management area on May 5th, 2021.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, implementing the directives of the Government, the Ministry of Finance, the whole customs has activated solutions of preventing pandemic at the highest level, ensuring to support enterprise to clear goods.

In Ha Tinh, the task of Covid-19 pandemic prevention was “activated” by Cau Treo Customs Branch very early.

Talking to reporters, Le Minh Duc, Manager of Cau Treo Customs Branch, Ha Tinh Customs Department, said as soon as authorities announced some cases of Covid-19, as the area adjacent to Laos, the risk of infection was very high, so the unit activated prevention measures at the highest level, implementing 5K measures in accordance with the regulations of the health ministry.

For businesses coming to implement customs procedures at the headquarters, the unit has deployed preventive measures at the gate, took temperature measurements, required to wear a face mask and scan QR codes when arriving and leaving the office. In particular, to aid businesses, the unit strengthened its activities of supporting firms in electronic forms, limiting direct contact with enterprises at present.

The unit has controlled information about the travel schedule of customs officials during and after the holidays. At the same time, the unit has implemented electronic medical declaration at; implementing 5K measures for customs officials and firms coming to implement customs procedures.

In fact, measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and facilitate for enterprises have brought some achievements. From the beginning of the year up to now, the unit has completed clearance procedures for 3,769 declarations, the total import-export turnover topped $156.6 million, an increase of 113% over the same period and State revenue as of May 7 was VND 202.41 billion, reaching 134% of the assigned target, up by more than 412% compared to the same period in 2020.

In Nghe An, the Nam Can Customs Branch (Nghe An Customs Department) has contacted and reviewed the activities of enterprises under its management, especially businesses in the area incurring case of Covid-19 to grasp the situation, support businesses in import-export activities and take appropriate and effective measures to prevent and control pandemic. To solve problems for the business community, the unit strengthened connections and exchanges with businesses via phone, email, Zalo and assign team leaders to proactively update new or expired documents and policies to the Zalo group so that the business community could update and implement.

At the same time, the unit has also been coordinating with the Border Defence force to strengthen strict control, prevent and handle illegal cases of illegal immigration across the Vietnam-Laos border, contributing to preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Cha Lo International Border Gate (Quang Binh) has active import-export activities of goods and means of transport, with 170 firms operating import-export activities across the area. These days, all pandemic prevention and control activities at Cha Lo international border gate are coordinated by inter-sector forces (Customs, Border Defence force, quarantine).

Talking to reporters, Manager of Cha Lo Customs Branch (Quang Binh Customs Department) Vo Van Thai said the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control has been coordinated by local forces, facilitating enterprises to operate import-export activities smoothly through the area. The Customs and Border Defence forces worked and guided businesses, supervising loading of goods, changing vehicle’s operator transporting goods imported from Laos to Vietnam and vice versa, avoiding congestion at the border gate, ensuring the quick release of goods.

“To control the epidemic, without affecting import and export activities, the department built and was ready to deploy four solutions for Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control plans, corresponding to each case (no case of person suspected of Covid-19 infection; a case of infection arising at the border gate; customs officials and workers suspected of being infected with Covid-19, and customs officials and workers who got a positive result of Covid-19). In the case of an infection in the community at Quang Binh province and the border province bordering Cha Lo border gate, Cha Lo Border Customs Branch would arrange an appropriate force to perform work, operations in the working fields,” Thai shared.

Currently, customs officials and employees of Cha Lo border gate Customs Branch are implementing the instructions of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the People’s Committee of Quang Binh province, the Quang Binh Customs Department and the Cha Lo Customs Branch on measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic. The Customs branch has implemented body temperature measurement for customs officials, employees in the unit and organisations and individuals. Strictly and thoroughly follow instructions of the health authority on hand washing and 5K measures, especially for customs officials working at the border gate, as well as arrange accommodation for each working group (according to the arranged plan).

At the Lao Bao and La Lay international border gates (Quang Tri), Quang Tri province requested vehicle’s operators to transport goods to countries and territories where arising Covid- 19 (Laos) and returning to Vietnam was only allowed to drive to the area of delivery and receiving (the place where the vehicle’s operator is changed at the direction of leaving the country) has been specified in the area of ​​Lao Bao, La Lay road border, not go inland into Laos.

Since April 27, the “one door, one time stop” inspection model has been suspended at the Lao Bao Customs Branch.

At the Lao Bao and La Lay Customs Branches, units were implementing safety measures for pandemic prevention and control; immediately equipping essential tools and vehicles to serve customs officials to ensure safety at work; strictly comply with regulations on antiseptic, wear face masks at working and public places. During work, customs officials kept a safe distance when contacting; restrict and mobilise relatives to go to crowded places. At the same time, facilitating trade amid the prevention and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic while ensuring strict control of export, import and transit goods; means of transport on exit and entry, in transit and baggage of people on exit and entry.

Talking to reporters, the leaders of the Lao Bao Customs Branch said the unit arranged customs officials and employees based on working positions; informing, supporting firms and trade facilitation for import-export, immigration and transit to carry out customs procedures through border gates in the context of Covid-19 pandemic continuing to develop in a complex manner.

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