Dong Thap Customs seizes an unknown shipment of cigarettes


VCN – A shipment of smuggled cigarettes gathered near the border area was transported inland in the early morning and seized by Dinh Ba Customs Branch (Dong Thap Customs Department) in coordination with other forces.

dong thap customs seizes an unknown shipment of cigarettes
Smuggled cigarettes seized by Dinh Ba Customs Branch. Photo: T.H

At 5 AM on April 8, receiving information about the illegal transportation of cigarettes from the border to inland in the area of ​​An Hoa commune in Tam Nong district, Dinh Ba Customs Branch coordinated with the Customs Enforcement Team and the Commune Police to patrol and control Highway 30 in Hamlet 2, An Hoa commune, discovered one carton box and one bag inside containing goods that were left at the side of the road close to a bus station near An Hoa ferry. The working group discovered 1,400 packs of foreign-branded cigarettes.

According to Dinh Ba Customs Branch, the cigarettes were transported by motorbikes from the border of Binh Thanh commune, Hong Ngu city to inland and gathered in An Hoa commune to await passenger trucks for transporting to other places. When seeing competent forces, the subject did not come to receive goods and fled the scene.

In recent times, when the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Cambodia is complicated, Dinh Ba Customs Branch has worked with the competent forces in the area to increase patrol and control of the border area to prevent illegal immigration and transport of goods across the border.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy

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