Experiences in coordinating management of northern key departments


VCN- As two major seaports, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh Customs Departments have closely coordinated on customs procedures and supervision for import and export goods.

experiences in coordinating management of northern key departments

The conference on the result assessment of the performance of coordination regulation between the two departments on April 10at Hai Phong Customs Department. Photo: T.B

Substantive and diverse coordination

Coordination between the two departmwents has been performed synchronously, especially in operational activities, contributing to improving efficiency of Customs control and facilitating import and export activities, the head of Customs Control and Supervision Division (under Hai Phong Customs Department) Nguyen Quoc Cuong said.

Notably, coordination in carrying out procedures for means of transport in the transshipment of high-capacity vessels that must be ship-to-ship transfer at Quang Ninh and then transfer to Hai Phong Port to implement customs procedures.

Coordination in customs clearance and supervision is performed for import goods that are discharged at Quang Ninh Port and then implement custom procedures at Hai Phong Port. Machinery and equipment imported across Hai Phong port are carried out customs procedures at factories, construction investment projects in the industrial zones of Quang Ninh. Goods of FDI enterprises and export processing production enterprises in the industrial zones of Quang Ninh are carried out export procedures at seaport customs branches, then carry out export procedures at Hai Phong Port.

Coordination in management for goods imported across Hai Phong Port under regime of depositing in bonded warehouses, temporarily imported for re-export and then transferred to land border gates and bonded warehouses in Quang Ninh. Goods are imported across Mong Cai border gate according to the regime of export processing and production transferred to industrial zones of Hai Phong.

Coordination in managing tens of thousands of shipments

Notably, from the signing of Coordination Regulation No.16458/QCPH-HQHP-HQQN dated December 3, 2019 to the end of the first quarter 2021, units have received and carried out customs procedures for 73 means of transport transferred from ports of Hai Phong Port to ports of Quang Ninh province and vice versa in an effective manner. A total of 50,062 shipments registered customs procedures at Hai Phong Customs Department but were exported or imported at Quang Ninh Customs Department and vice versa, have been cleared. A total of 27,873 shipments were registered customs procedures at Hai Phong Customs Department but were exported across Quang Ninh Customs Department and 17,801 shipments were registered for customs procedures at Quang Ninh Customs Department but were exported across Hai Phong Customs Department in 2020.

Goods are mainly exported are under regimes of business export, export of processed products for foreign traders and export of manufactured products for export. Goods are mainly imported under regimes of production import, bonded warehouse storage and importing raw materials for processing for foreign traders, importing raw materials for export production.

In the first quarter of 2021, 4,388 shipments carried out customs procedures between the two departments, increasing by 25% compared to 2020.

The two departments processed 264 customs declarations of independent transport shipments. Of these, 228 independent transport shipment declarations were approved to Hai Phong Port and vice versa. Commodities include 2,457,827 tonnes of bulk cargo, an increase of 41% compared to 2019; 4,186 imported containers; 1,838 exported containers and 99,282 tonnes of goods imported to Hai Phong port of 36 independent transport shipment declarations were cleared in the first quarter.

“In addition, the two departments have closely coordinated in customs supervision of import and export goods; processing pending declarations on the e-Customs system; inspecting storage sites; providing, exchanging information, supporting supervision of exported and imported goods that are unloaded at Quang Ninh ports for transport to the destination port in Hai Phong or at the transshipment area when businesses open declaration at Hai Phong Customs branches,” Cuong said.

Facilitate businesses

According to representatives of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh Customs Departments, through the coordination regulation, procedures for the business community has been conducted in a quick and smooth manner to exploit the seaport system in the area, ensuring customs management.

The development of the Coordination Regulation has concretised the steps and stages of the customs management and specified the coordination content and form, the reporting regime and the responsibilities of each party, thereby helping customs officers of the two departments effectively perform their tasks.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan

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