Focus on implementing solutions to promote production and business


VCN- The Government has toldministries, agencies and localities to focus on the synchronous and effective implementation of solutions to promote production and business development, as well astimely support businesses and people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

focus on implementing solutions to promote production and business
Support businesses to connect via digital and large e-commerce platforms. Photo: Internet

In the resolution of the March regular meeting of the Government, the Government requested ministries, agencies and localities to continue their efforts to strive, overcome difficulties and challenges, and implement the “dual goals” of both drastically implementing measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic and focusing on recovery and socio-economic development, ensuring social security and people’s livelihoods. Focusing on implementing synchronous and effective solutions to promote production and business development; timely support businesses and people affected by the pandemic.

Research and issue “vaccine passport”

Ministries, agencies and localities continue to drastically direct, uphold vigilance, not be subjective and neglect Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control; strictly and effectively comply with the “5K” requirement, strictly manage medical isolation, especially for people entering the country, andresolutely not let the pandemic spread and outbreak back into the community.

The Ministry of Health will focus on directing and accelerating the research and development of domestic vaccines against Covid-19 and at the same time import vaccines for Covid-19 as well as a plan to vaccinate the population on a large scale.

Expeditiously work with ministries and branches to soon study and promulgate a “vaccine passport” to facilitate trade, investment and tourism; completing regulations on health insurance payment for remote medical examination and treatment activities.

Continue to ensure human resources, medicines, medical equipment and supplies; improve the capacity and quality of grassroots healthcare and primary health care for the people.

Limit newly arising bad debts

The Ministry of Planning and Investment works with ministries, branches and localities continue to make efforts to remove difficulties for production and business, especially key projects; promoting thedisbursement of public investment capital in general and ODA projects in particular. Complete the appraisal of the feasibility study report on the national target programme for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in 2021-2025, and report to the Prime Minister in the second quarter of 2021. Proactively deploying timely solutions to attract and effectively utiliseinvestment.

The State Bank of Vietnam workswith ministries and branches in continuing to operate the monetary policy actively, flexibly and effectively, while controllinginflation, ensuringmajor balances of the economy, promotingproduction and business development andkeepingthe forex market stable. It will also continue to promote restructuring credit institutions; implement measures to handle bad debts, control and limit newly arising bad debts. Manage interest rates and credit in line with macro balance, inflation and market developments. Promote non-cash payments.

Save regular spending

The Ministry of Finance works with ministries, branches and localities in strengthening fiscal – budget discipline, combating revenue loss, price transfer and tax evasion,thoroughly savingregular spending.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade assumes the prime responsibility for, and coordinates with ministries, branches and localities in, specific and effective solutions to support the circulation, import, export and sale of goods. Strengthen trade promotion associated with promoting the branding of Vietnamese goods. Support businesses to connect via digital platforms andlarge e-commerce platforms. Strengthen trade defencemeasures, at the same time support businesses to respond to barriers and trade defencelawsuits of foreign countries. Ensure adequate supply of materials and equipment for pandemic prevention and control.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development assumes the prime responsibility for, and coordinates with ministries, branches and localities in, improving production efficiency, ensuring the interests of producers, especially for seasonal agricultural products. Closely monitor the weather situation andhave plans to accumulate water and operate drought prevention works in service of production and disease prevention in a timely manner. Continue to implement the EC recommendations to soon remove the “yellow card”. Step up forest planting, protection and development.

The Ministry of Transport focuses on directing and speeding up the progress of key works and projects, especially the expressway project on the North-South-East route; urgently operates and exploits new projects to be put into use, ensuring safety and efficiency.

By Huong Diu/KieuOanh

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