Freight vehicles on entry China must be quarantined and fumigated


VCN- Freight vehicles entering China must go under quarantine and fumigation and be parked on site from 10-12 minutes before moving to the checkpoint.

freight vehicles on entry china must be quarantined and fumigated

Officers of Thanh Thuy International Border Gate Customs Branch inspect goods amid the complicated development of Covid-19.

The Management Board of the Economic Zone of Ha Giang province has notified on the extension of the quarantine time for freight vehicles entering China, according to Vi Quoc Thang Deputy Manager of Thanh Thuy International Border Gate Customs Branch.

The Management Board of the Malypho Border Economic Cooperation Zone (China) has informed that before entering Thien Bao Border Gate, all vehicles must go though the procedures for quarantine and fumigation stop from 10-12 minutes and then move to the checkpoint.

The extension of the quarantine time for freight vehicles aims to prevent and control the pandemic. However, customs clearance time for goods at Thanh Thuy-Thien Bao Border Gate is longer than before, Thang said.

Currently, products exported across Thanh Thuy International Border Gate mainly are bananas, dragon fruit, jackfruit, peanuts and tapioca starch. For agricultural products, the average export volume is 40 vehicles per day. The export volume of agricultural products only reached 60-70% compared to the same period last year.

The two management boards agreed on international transport segmentation across Thanh Thuy-Thien Bao Border Gates

Vehicles carrying Vietnam’s export cargo will be driven by Vietnamese drivers to Quoc Mon to assign to Chinese drivers and vice versa for those carrying Chinese goods entering Vietnam.

To facilitate import and export activities of goods, means of transport on exit and entry, Thanh Thuy International Border Gate Customs Branch implements solutions for administrative procedures, ensuring prompt customs clearance; coordinates competent forces to well perform Covid-19 control and prevention.

In addition, the dranch has taken pandemic prevention and control measures for customs officers. It has directed and complied with directions at the leader level and with relevant agencies on Covid-19 prevention and control.

It also required its officers to strictly comply with measures for pandemic prevention and control such as installing the Bluezone application on their smartphones; wearing medical masks, disinfecting hands with an antiseptic solution; limiting gathering in crowded places, not going out in case of unnecessary, strictly abiding by regulations of the place of residence on pandemic prevention and control, and implementing procurement and equipment for a number of pandemic prevention and control equipment for its subordinates.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan

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