HCM City Customs Loss prevention achieves high results


VCN – Determining that revenue loss prevention is one of the key tasks, HCM City Customs Department developed a plan to combat revenue loss with many comprehensive and synchronous solutions.

hcm city customs loss prevention achieves high results
HCM City Customs officials checked imported goods. Photo: T.H

Performing task of price consultation well

According to the Import-Export Duty Division (HCM City Customs Department) in the first five months of 2021, the HCM City Customs Department conducted price consultations and post-clearance audit to collect nearly VND 530 billion for the State budget. In particular, it is worth noting that the increased tax amount collected through price consultations performed by border-gate customs branches increased by more than four times compared to the same period last year.

In the results of increase tax through price consultation, the Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch had the highest tax increase, with a tax amount of nearly VND 450 billion. The leader of the Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch said the above increase in tax was due to the fact that the unit carried out consultations for a number of cars with less than nine seats imported under the non-commercial type. Besides that, a number of other items, like motorcycles and consumer goods, were also checked and reviewed by the unit to reject the declared value for some goods declared by the enterprise at low prices, not appropriate with the reality.

Besides effective prevention of revenue loss from the price consultation service, the post-clearance audit is also directed by the HCM City Customs Department to the customs units at the border gate and the Post-Customs Audit Customs Branch to research and grasp information in the post-clearance stage. During the complex development of the pandemic, the HCM City Customs Department has focused on implementing the assigned topics, processing information collection on the customs database, minimising the on-site inspection at the enterprise’s headquarters. With an appropriate approach for the new situation, the increase in revenue collection through this operation, although it is not as high as in the past, still ensures strict management. From the beginning of the year to May 15, through the post-clearance audit, HCM City Customs Department increased revenue for the budget by nearly VND 15 billion.

The Post-Clearance Audit Customs Branch is reviewing and selecting several enterprises with suspicious signs taking advantage of exports to evade VAT refund to carry out post-clearance audit. Continuing to carry out thematic inspection, identification of origin, anti-fraud, fraud of origin, labeling of goods and infringement of intellectual property rights under the direction of the General Department of Vietnam Customs and HCM City Customs Department.

Comprehensive and synchronous solution

To effectively implement the revenue loss prevention, HCM City Customs Department has developed a plan with many solutions. In the field of State revenue collection and import-export duty, the Head of Import and Export Duty Division and the heads of the units should implement the documents issued by the Director of the HCM City Customs Department from the first day of 2021. Especially acting as a focal point to coordinate with the HCM City Tax Department to carry out topics combating revenue loss.

In supervision, units review inadequacies and problems from operation mechanisms and policies to report to authorities for timely supplementation and amendment. HCM City Customs Department focuses on checking the origin of goods, management policies and intellectual property, strictly control the operation of bonded warehouses, duty-free shops, independent transport declaration, temporary import and re-export, temporary export and re-import and transit to correct errors arising in professional activities in a timely manner.

HCM City Customs Department also pays special attention to the inspection and the control of anti-smuggling and transportation of banned goods; maintaining patrol and control on river routes, seaports, airports, international postal service. Collecting information on the situation of goods by type of processing, export production, on-spot import and export, investment, goods in export processing zones, high-tech zones and goods subject to trade remedy tax, ensuring safety and security in all management areas. To promote the fight against forging dossiers and documents for implementing customs procedures, as well as forging documents to bring goods out of the customs supervision area. Promptly preventing goods transshipment or transit without permits; incorrect declaration.

Monitor and strictly control enterprises that import wildlife products originating from Africa and other countries. Capture and detect new concealment tricks for smuggling and trade fraud. Strengthening the collection of risk information to organise irregular specialised inspections base on signs of violations in order to promptly prevent and handle violations of firms.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy

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