Import and export turnover across Coc Nam Border Gate decreases


VCN- Since the beginning of 2020, import and export activities at Coc Nam Customs Branch have been disrupted due to the pandemic, causing a decrease in import and export turnover. Especially, import activities have not arisen for a long time which has a great impact on the results and the performance of enterprises, Deputy Manager of Coc Nam Customs Branch Doan Tuan Nam said.

import and export turnover across coc nam border gate decreases
Only jackfruit and mango were cleared at Coc Nam Border Gate. Photo: H.N

2020 was a difficult year. The import and export activities across the area are affected by the pandemic. In early March 2020, Vietnam and China agreed to resume customs clearance for Vietnamese goods exported to China across the pairs of Coc Nam Sub-Border gates.

During this period, some agricultural products and fruits were cleared. Particularly, seafood products were not permitted to be cleared. Until December 2020, the Chinese Government permitted to resume customs clearance for imported goods, adversely affecting the branch’s revenue, Nam said.

In the first quarter of 2021, the import and export activities at Coc Nam Border Gate have faced many difficulties and challenges. In addition, agricultural products are highly dependent on seasons, leading to unstable export activities across the area.

The Chinese side strengthened the traceability of origin and quality, not only for agricultural and fruit products but also for fishery products, so that the goods exported across Coc Nam Border Gate sharply decreased or were exported across other border gates.

Currently, although Customs at Coc Nam border gates carries out customs procedures for fruits and agricultural products, businesses only register to implement customs clearance for jackfruit and mango.

In addition, as per the provisions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Circular 09/2020/TT-BCT dated May 14, 2020 on the roadmap for application of border checkpoints for import and export in case of goods for temporary import for re-export, transit or storage in bonded warehouses, as of January 1, 2021, if goods for temporary import for re-export or transit, are imported or re-exported out of Vietnam across the land border, those goods are only allowed to be cleared at international border gates or major border gates (bilateral border gates).

Following this regulation, many firms are not allowed to carry out customs procedures across Coc Nam Border Gate. This issue has hit bonded warehouse and yard operators at the border gate.

The branch has promptly received information on difficulties and problems of firms in import and export activities. It has also worked with relevant agencies at the border gate to remove difficulties and create favorable conditions for them. In addition, it has suggested Dong Dang Border Gate Management Center hold meetings with the Chinese side to extend the customs clearance time at the border gate.

In the first quarter, the branch has received and cleared 934 declarations of 48 enterprises with a turnover of over US$32.7 million, a year-on-year decrease of 32.4%. The branch has also collected and remitted VND9.1 billion to the State budget, hitting 13.07% of the assigned target and decreasing 33.5% compared to the same period in 2020.

Anh said that the branch will reform administrative procedures, facilitate and attract firms to carry out procedures at the area; publicize the State’s documents and policies to enterprises.

Coc Nam Customs Branch has strengthened customs inspection and supervision of imported and exported goods, smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation; promote risk management and post-clearance audit to meet the requirements of customs reform, development and modernization.

By Nu Bui/Ngoc Loan

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