Mong Cai Customs using sniffing dogs to detect drugs


VCN – Mong Cai Police City recently issued decision to prosecute criminal case and prosecute Nguyen Duc V. due to storing drugs illegally.

mong cai customs using sniffing dogs to detect drugs
Customs forces using sniffing dog for inspection

Previously, on April 19, the working group consisting of the Drug-related Crime Investigation Police Team and the Mong Cai City Police worked with the Customs Enforcement Team under the Mong Cai Customs Branch (Quang Ninh Customs Department) and used a sniffer dog to search the house of Nguyen Duc V (born in 1963) located at 412 Hung Vuong Street in zone 7, Hai Yen ward, Mong Cai city for signs of illegal trading and storing of narcotics.

After using the sniffer dog for inspection, the working group discovered two plastic bags containing white crystals (suspected to be narcotics) in a pressure burner under the window of the bedroom of V’s house and two plastic bags inside containing white powder (suspected to be drugs).

mong cai customs using sniffing dogs to detect drugs
Nguyen Duc V was at investigation agency

Nguyen Duc V confessed that the white crystalline substance was methamphetamine and the white powder heroin bought in Mong Cai city for use.

According to the Criminal Technology Division, the Quang Ninh Provincial Police, the white crystalline substance is methamphetamine, with a weight of 38,186 grams and the white powder is heroin, with a weight of 0.043g.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy

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