Nam Can Customs seizes 7 200 drugs tablets


VCN- Nam Can International Border Gate Customs Branch (under the Nghe An Customs Department) has worked with Police and Border Guard forces to tackle two drug trafficking rings from Laos to Vietnam, arrest two suspects and seize 7,200 tablets of synthetic drugs.

nam can customs seizes 7200 drugs tablets
Vi Trong Toan (sitting)

From the end of March, forces worked based on collected information to identify a drug trafficking ring from Que Phong to other provinces for consumption.

Nam Can International Border Gate Customs Branch in coordination with Drug-related Crime Investigation Police Division, My Ly and Tri Le Border Guard Station arrested a man named Toan while he was trading drugs, and seized 6,000 synthetic drugs, one motorcycle, and one mobile phone on April 25.

Toan said after agreeing to provide drugs to a suspect named Minh, he drove a motorcycle from Tuong Duong to Que Phong to buy drugs and then went to a place for drugs trafficking, and was arrested here.

Earlier, Nam Can International Border Gate in coordination with Con Cuong District Police tackled an action plan and arrested suspect Duong Dinh Minh, 25 for illegal drugs transportation, and seized 1,200 synthetic drugs and two mobile phones.

The cases are being investigated by the competent forces.

By Nu Bui/Ngoc Loan

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