Reducing administrative documents in social insurance and health insurance sector


VCN – According to Decision No.222/QĐ-BHXH about administrative procedures that are replaced or abolished under the jurisdiction of Vietnam Social Insurance, the administrative procedures of Vietnam Social Insurance are cut from 27 administrative procedures down to 25, contributing to significantly reducing the time of submission and receiving result for enterprises and people.

The issuance of Decision 222 has important implications in the reform of administrative procedures of the Vietnam social insurance industry. The administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the Vietnam Social Security are now regulated in a document instead of stipulated in three documents as before, creating favourable conditions for organisations and individuals to learn and look up administrative procedures about social and health insurance.

To do the search for administrative procedures, people and firms can access the National Public Service Portal at; portal of Vietnam Social Insurance at; web portal of the social insurance of provinces and cities; the public listing of administrative procedures at the one-stop section of the social insurance agency at the provincial and district level or the local Public Administration Service Centre.

According to Decision No. 222/QD-BHXH, two administrative procedures were abolished, including one in the field of collection of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and occupational accident and occupational disease insurance due to having been regulated specifically in relevant administrative procedures, that is “Refund payment for voluntary social insurance participants, those with two or more social insurance books having the same period of payment of social insurance and unemployment insurance, the participants of health insurance under the household, the participant of health insurance is partially supported by the State budget ”; one administrative procedure in the field of implementing health insurance policies because it is not under the jurisdiction of the Vietnam Social Insurance, that is “Medical examination and treatment using health insurance”.

Each field of collection of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational accident and occupational disease insurance and implementing health insurance policy has only three administrative procedures, instead of four procedures as before.

At the same time, among the 25 administrative procedures, there are 24 administrative procedures replaced on the basis of continuing to adjust the professional process, simplify the composition of the dossier, redesign the declaration form in accordance with the law and the jurisdiction of Vietnam Social Insurance to facilitate people and firms.

reducing administrative documents in social insurance and health insurance sector
Promoting the reform of administrative procedures, create favorable conditions for people and businesses. Source: Vietnam Social Insurance.

Cutting administrative procedures to 25 not only contributes to continuing to improve the administrative reform of Vietnam’s social insurance industry but also has many practical meanings for people and businesses, helping enterprises reduce time of updating information to propose settlement of social insurance benefits for their employees.

For administrative procedures in implementing social insurance policies, helping firms save time to handle work related to reporting cases of employees eligible for sickness and maternity benefits, labour accident – occupational disease in the month sent to the social insurance agency to settle benefits for the employees.

In addition, firms only need to use an electronic device with an internet connection to declare “Pay Social Insurance” online. With the use of IT, the implementation of electronic transactions will help firms have more options to declare and pay social insurance, reducing the focus on making declarations through IVAN support and reducing the waiting time of enterprises.

The Vietnamese social insurance industry has effectively implemented the reform of administrative procedures. If in 2015, the administrative procedures of the social insurance industry had 114 procedures, so far it has been reduced to 25. This result of the reform of administrative procedures has contributed to help businesses and people significantly reduce time and costs in transactions with the social insurance agency.

By Xuân Thảo/Thanh Thuy

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