Supporting each other for digital transformation both sides win


supporting each other for digital transformation both sides win

The inevitable way

In fact, Vietnamese small and medium enterprises do not have many opportunities to access digital technologies, they are not equipped with a business mindset on a digital platform, lack customer understanding and operational data, and lack a digital-based business strategy.

Mr. Do Hoang Hai, Director of Wincom Technology Joint Stock Company, said that businesses have trouble in identifying the target of digital transformation, they do not know where to start. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specific development model for digital transformation to be effective.

Due to the above limitations, for many businesses, supporting businesses with digital transformation has become a boon and will bring in revenue. Recently, Thach Ban Group and NOVAON Group have signed a cooperation agreement on a digital transformation project. Accordingly, NOVAON will help Thach Ban build a centralized data warehouse and intelligent management reporting towards the goal of leading the domestic market and integrating into the international market.

Talking about this cooperation, Mr. Nguyen Trong Kien, General Director of Thach Ban Co., Ltd. said that data is an asset, converting data is an inevitable way for the company to achieve a breakthrough in capacity. Thach Ban needs a capable digital transformation consultant with fast implementation to realize the idea of ​​data conversion. According to Mr. Le Viet Hai Son, Vice Chairman of NOVAON Group, with the advantage of owning a technology platform, NOVAON believes that the success of this project will act as an inspirational story to the business community in the digital transformation in Vietnam.

Even, NOVAON Group and Viettel Solutions Corporation (Viettel Solutions) signed a cooperation agreement to build and develop technology solutions for digital transformation, in order to promote successful digital transformation for the Vietnamese business community.

Recently, RUNSYSTEM has sponsored technology for the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) with two items of information technology services and professional automation solutions. In particular, the company provides VINASA with SmartRPA Software Robot solution (Professional Automation Tool) to replace personnel, reduce the load of manual operations that are repeated in daily operations. A representative of RUNSYSTEM said that the enterprise is constantly researching and developing the digital transformation ecosystem for businesses in many fields, helping partner enterprises optimize the value.

How to find each other?

For digital transformation, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam E-commerce Association, said that businesses not only transform in the field of building websites to promote products, but the entire ecosystem for commerce, transactions, transportation, logistics, online import-export should be transformed and developed to a new level.

Therefore, the parallels between the above enterprises is very important. Especially, when the management agencies have many support programs, but in order to reach the business, there are still many problems, many businesses have problems with conditions and procedures to receive support. Therefore, letting businesses find each other will solve the development problem for both parties.

According to Mr. Nguyen Kim Hung, Acting Director of Vietnam Institute of Business Administration Science and Digital Economy, to support digital transformation businesses, it is necessary to follow the state management agencies.

For example, in terms of capital, banks will find it difficult to agree to ordinary businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to borrow capital for technology investment. In order to have resources for digital transformation, it is difficult for businesses to rely on banks or regulators. Therefore, Mr. Hung recommends giving agency to businesses, because they know what their businesses need and how they need to develop them. Therefore, the cooperation between businesses will solve these problems.

But how can these businesses find each other? According to businesses, in addition to self-linking, the authorities should create a common playground, helping businesses get to know and understand each other.

For example, in early 2021, the Digital Transformation Program, launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications, launched an initiative to support small and medium-sized businesses with digital transformation using 15 digital export platforms that are made in Vietnam.

These platforms are all implemented by private domestic enterprises and have been gathered, evaluated and tested by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Typically, the MISA ASP accounting service platform, StringeeX multi-channel customer care platform, security platform CyRadar, Vietnamworks online recruitment platform. The goal of the program is that in 2021 there will be 50,000 SMEs with access to the program, of which a minimum of 30,000 will be able to use the platforms for free.

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