The task of advisory promoted effectively in the anti fraud of origin


VCN – The advisory, proposal of solution have played an important role to prevent and stop importing goods originating from aboard and taking advantage of type of transshipment through Vietnam for fraud and counterfeiting of goods origin and illegal transshipment for export or consumption in the domestic market causing damage to consumers.

the task of advisory promoted effectively in the anti fraud of origin
Customs Control and Supervision Department organised training for units in the Customs sector to deploy directives of General Department of Vietnam Customs on inspection, determining origin, anti-fraud and counterfeiting of origin, labeling goods, infringing intellectual property rights, illegal transshipment. Photo: N.Linh

Fighting dramatically

The achievements of the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) in the fight of preventing fraud of origin has a contribution of Customs Control and Supervision Department (GDVC) when they had actively and timely researched and advised leaders at all level for deploying solutions.

Among those efforts, it must be mentioned the advisory, the proposal for completing series of legal documents to serve as legal basis for implementation. In particular, the unit has timely proposed to issue a series of directives and professional orientations for the implementation of units in the sector.

The Customs Control and Supervision Department and units of GDVC have closely worked with other ministers and sectors, at the same time advising and proposing to amend policy which still has shortcomings and difficulties relating to origin and labelling of imported goods.

During this process, the Customs Control and Supervision Department has verified many cases. In particular, they have worked with associations, units relating to information analysis of high risk firms regarding counterfeiting of origin of plywood, baulk. As a result, the list of suspected enterprises had been identified and transferred to Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department, Post clearance audit Department to inspect, investigate and verify to clarify acts of violations. Providing information relating to suspected fraud of origin of co-loading in bonded warehouse at Binh Duong to US Customs and Border Protection to work together to identify violations. At the same time, transferring to HCM City Customs Department and Long An Customs Department to conduct inspection and identify violations of fraud of goods origin. As a result, one enterprise had been detected.

Besides that, thanks to setting up plans, implementing specialised projects to conduct inspection, verify to clarify specific goods items and subjects, it has promoted the effectiveness in the fight of anti-fraud of goods origin in recent times like conducting investigations, clarifying goods items of plywoods, wood floor; imported bicycles and electric bicycles.

Contribute to preventing fraud, creating equality in business

International cooperation in combating and preventing fraud, counterfeiting of goods origin and illegal transshipment also contribute significantly to the effectiveness of the struggle recently. Customs authorities have proactively connected and exchanged information with customs authorities of other countries and investigation agencies of other countries to fight and prevent fraud, counterfeiting of goods origin, illegal transshipment, protect the legitimate interests of genuine businesses and protect consumers. Cooperating with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) to investigate fraud related to origin for several items such as solar panels, painted steel, prawn and white leg shrimp, bicycles, electric bicycles and solar cells. Particularly for the US, Vietnam Customs has asked US Customs to investigate two cases related to plywood and has already investigated, verified and provided information related to three cases of suspected illegal transshipment requested by US Customs.

With a series of timely measures, the fight against fraud, counterfeiting of goods origin has had a clear change and many tricks and fraudulent acts have been exposed, while more and more cases have been discovered and strictly handled. By December 2020, the entire Customs sector had handled 138 cases related to fraud, counterfeiting of origin for imported goods and 52 cases related to fraud, counterfeiting for export goods. The whole Customs sector has collected a total amount of illegal profits, administrative penalties and value of exhibits amounting to VND 103 billion.

The third phase of the fight against fraud of origin is being implemented by units throughout the sector, following the plan to combat fraud, counterfeiting of goods origin, and improper labeling of goods, intellectual property rights infringement and illegal transshipment in 2021 by the Customs Control and Supervision Department advise to the leadership of the GDVC to promulgate. With the review and analysis of information to build objects, groups of key export products have contributed to creating a premise for effective management, contributing to the fight fraud and the counterfeiting of Vietnamese origin causing damage to consumers.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy

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