Van Don Customs prevents illegal transportation of banned goods


VCN- Van Don Airport Customs working team under Cam Pha Seaport Customs Branch (Quang Ninh Customs) has focused on risk management, thereby detecting and preventing cases of currency transportation andbanned goods during exit and entry.

van don customs prevents illegal transportation of banned goods
Performance of Van Don Airport Customs working team on January 17, 2021. Photo: Q.H

Ensure safety for flights

From March 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021, Van Don Airport Customs working team conducted customs clearance for 258 flights (including 60 exit flights and 198 entry flights) with 40,527 passengers. Of these, the working team cleared 173 entry flights with 35,037 Vietnamesecitizens and foreign experts from pandemic-affected areas to Van Don International Airport and 50,246 checked items of baggage.

The working team completedprocedures for hundreds of Vietnamese citizens on two flights from Japan to Vietnam on March 11. These are the first two international flights since Van Don International Airport resumed operations on March3.

Deputy Manager of Cam Pha Seaport Customs Branch said that after the international flights are allowed to resume, the leader of Quang Ninh Customs Department directed the branch to reach the “dual goal”. The branch held a meeting to perform tasks and develop plans for Covid-19 prevention and control.

“Van Don Airport Customs working team has been divided into two working groups working alternately between flights, and established more preventive working groups to support and replace customs officers who getinfected. At the same time, it has coordinated with Centers for Disease Control and Preventionto disinfect the working area, the dining room, and living area. It asked airlines to provide information in advance to classify passengersand complete procedures on the National Single Window, create soft barriers and signposts for passengers,” Hieu said.

van don customs prevents illegal transportation of banned goods
Five rhino horns seized by Cam Pha Seaport Customs Branch Photo: Cam Pha Seaport Customs Branch

Do not let criminals escape

Van Don Airport Customs Working Team has identified risk criteria for passengers who enter regularlyfor work, especially entry passengers who have been handled for violations, entry with high frequency, and a high volume of checked baggage. In addition, it has closely controlled targeted routes, especially flights originating from countries with high risks of commercial goods (France, Germany, Japan, South Korea), and drugs (countries in South America, countries in the Golden Triangle region), CITES (African countries), gold and foreign currencies (UAE, Japan, Korea).

In addition, it signed a coordination agreementwith Van Don International Airport and Noi Bai International Airport in the management and use of scanners; Immigration Department, Centers for International Disease Control and Prevention of Quang Ninh, airport authorities to improve the efficiency of coordination between state management agencies and port operators, contributing to meeting the requirements of ensuring national security, preventing and combating crime, smuggling andtrade fraud.

With the motto of closely controlling the area and not letting criminals escape, the working team has discovered that passengers intentionally carry excess currency when exiting, and take advantage of the pandemic to bring banned goods into Vietnam.

The working team arrested three suspects transporting 74 million Won on April 17, 2020 during customs procedures for flightOZ7747 of Asian Airlines from Van Don to Incheon (South Korea).

The Working Team arrested a suspect transporting 7.8kg of rhino horn valued at VND8 billion on December 12, 2020 during customs procedures for flight VN0009 of Vietnam Airlines from Luanda (Angola) to Van Don.

After receiving records, Quang Ninh Provincial Police issued decisions to prosecute the case and arrested Tran Trong Manh (born in 1976, residing in Trung Luong, Hong Linh, Ha Tinh) for violations of regulations on the protection of endangered, precious and rare animals.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan

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